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Become a Partner

Transit Agencies

Our partnership program is designed to provide benefits to transit agencies across Canada. Whether you’re regional, rural, or suburban, we’re here to help you.
  • Incentivize your riders, increase loyalty and drive sales by learning about user behaviours, riders’ demographics and travel patterns
  • Push out products through the TransitRewards app that you can’t offer through your fare system to reach more consumers
  • Implement digital customer service to get access to better information, opportunities for demand pricing, and better service for disadvantaged people
  • Educate your riders about the greenhouse gas emission reductions that riding public transit brings


As a retailer located along a public transit route, you should have unique access to the riders that frequent your area. But this isn’t always the case. TransitRewards is the first app to offer retailers like you geo-targeted promotions and powerful user insights about those taking public transit in your area.
  • Increase your visibility by sending hyper-targeted advertisements to riders passing by your business store in real-time
  • Gain insights about rider behaviours and travel patterns to make intelligent product and service offerings
TransitRewards offers partnership opportunities to retailers of every size located along the public transportation corridors. Attract new, loyal customers and help us reward public transit riders!
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